1942 - 1998

In the midst of a turbulent world, Sultan Hamengku Buwono VIII passed away. Gusti Raden Mas Dorodjatun was appointed to replace his father in 1940. The inauguration of Hamengku Buwono IX could not be carried out immediately, due to tough negotiations with Lucien Adam, Resident of Yogyakarta. Two years after Hamengku Buwono IX reigned, the Dutch East Indies government surrendered to the Japanese military. The young Sultan who was good at negotiating, was able to take advantage of the presence of Japan to build the great Mataram Ditch while protecting the Yogyakarta people from the obligation to become romusha. When Soekarno and Hatta proclaimed Indonesia independence, Hamengku Buwono IX and Paku Alam VIII firmly expressed their support for the Republican government. Not only declaring their support, Hamengku Buwono IX with Paku Alam VIII hosted the Government of the Republic. Yogyakarta became the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. The people of Yogyakarta also support and contributed wealth and energy to maintain Indonesia independence. Yogyakarta entered a new era as part of the Republic of Indonesia.
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