1830 - 1942

After the Java War ended, there were relatively few major upheavals in Java. The Cultivation System was introduced by the Dutch East Indies government, plantation commodities such as sugar, coffee, indigo, and tea became the main commodities that were planted on a large scale in Java, including the region of Kasultanan Yogyakarta and Kadipaten Pakualaman. Industrial technology was then introduced to Java, sugar factories sprang up, offices and cities grew with the golden era of colonialism. Modern education was introduced to meet the needs of low-ranking employees. The profession of Javanese doctors, factory workers, lowly employees emerged along with the needs of modern life. Some educated natives people began to voice their criticisms of colonialism which placed the natives as a low class society in front of other Asian nations. These educated people are the local elites who fight for equality and independence for the Indonesian people.
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